Fuel Cat – Fuel Catalyst


Fuel Cat - Supplying the motorist since 1988


Fuel Cat - Supplying the motorist since 1988


Fuel Cat - Supplying the motorist since 1988


Fuel Cat - Supplying the motorist since 1988


Fuel Cat - Supplying the motorist since 1988


Fuel Cat - Supplying the motorist since 1988


Fuel Cat - Supplying the motorist since 1988

What is Fuel Cat?

FUEL CAT have been manufacturing their pre combustion fuel catalyst since 1988.

Made from an amalgam of specific metals, it acts like a permanent octane booster, a combustion enhancer and combustion chamber carbon deposits cleaner. When the fuel flows through FUEL CAT fuel catalyst, a chemical reaction instantly takes place. The shape, temperature and speed of the burn are transformed, making combustion more complete and even, contributing to greater engine efficiency.

FUEL CAT fuel catalyst aids the combustion process by ensuring that fuel is highly uniform, potent, consistent and stable.

Just one FUEL CAT is all you need.

No maintenance is required and there is no need to change the unit, as it doesn’t dissolve, only alters the fuel.

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What our customers say…

Just to let you know yesterday I tested my HD with the fuel cat installed. Well it really works, I previously used standard unleaded fuel (95 oct) and super unleaded (98 oct). With 98 oct the engine was more powerful but more nervous too so I preferred standard fuel or a mix of the two. Now with 95 oct and fuel cat the result is great, engine is beefier, more full at all speeds, torque is even better! Satisfied? For what I’ve tested so far absolutely! Now I have a question on T4 for my car. I tried with a garden hose to access the tank but unfortunately a “S” anti siphon bend stops the hose at about 1 meter from the inlet. Can I leave the T4 in the middle of the pipe to the tank? Gasoline should be catalyzed anyway by flushing on the unit or not? Is the catalytic effect permanent or fuel reverse to its previous state after some time? Thank you again for support.


The two Fuel Cats arrived this morning. I dropped them into my tank when I got home from work, left them for 30 mins, then went out for a drive – and I’m gobsmacked! They have cured the 5th gear pinking, and the engine feels more responsive. To say the least, I am very pleasantly surprised, and extremely impressed! I’m going to take it for a long 5th gear cruise at the weekend and see if they have impacted the fuel consumption. The best I’ve got so far is 24 mpg, so if that figure increases I’ll be even more impressed 🙂 I’ll keep you posted. Needless to say I’ll be writing a very positive review. I’m glad I enquired about them – and many thanks to you for the special price. Best Regards


I had one a couple of weeks ago and to say the least I am very impressed with it. I fitted it to my daughters Sherco 80 trials bike which has always lacked a little bit of bottom end, but the booster has all but rectified the problem. I saw something similar at the Dirt Bike show a couple of years ago and thought hard then, but walked away!! However she is riding the British Ladies/Girls Championships this year so I thought I had better have a spare, put some literature or some stickers in the post and I will gladly spread the word for you! best regards


We made it to Mongolia in 30 days – 8750 miles! All in an M reg Ford Fiesta 1100! The trip was excellent and the car was really good compared to many. We experienced holed fuel tank, radiator & faulty alternator plus numerous punctures & damaged wheels but otherwise only minor stuff. The vehicle ran really well with Fuel cat – we experienced fuel as low as 80 octane and still managed to keep driving (slight/medium pinking with 80 only). We found the fuel quality drop once we hit Russia/Kazakhstan. Really appreciate your support – we’ve told as many as possible about fuel cat especially those who were suffering with the poor fuel! Will forward some photos to give you an idea of what we faced. We met our target & raised just over £5000 for the charities so we’re really pleased. Thanks again,


I’m using Fuelcat now since a week on my BMW755 motorcycle. I’m owning her now for 31 years. From the day on since they did stop selling “Super benzine” octane 99100, I did have problems with my engine. Above 105km/h there was a loud knock to hear from my cilinderheads, due the lack of octane…. Since I use Fuelcat, thr engine runs as smooth as ever and I can drive up to 145km/h without a problem!!! I did mounted your product behind every carburator. in to the fuel line. I’m very satisfied with it.

anon, Netherlands

Just to let you know that since fitting the fuelcat I have seen a marked improvement in the Performance and the Economy of my Car the Kia Carrens. I do not have to drop down to third gear to overtake the Power comes at the press of the pedal, as for Fuel Economy I have seen a 15% increase from 38 mpg to 42.5 when I am running around and going to and from work. When I am Towing the Caravan I have noticed an improvement in the pulling power and the instant response. The economy is 32 mpg increasing to 37 mpg a little over 15%. I am once again impressed with the performance all round. You can if you wish use a copy of this ‘E’ Mail to verify the products success. Thanks once again for all your help. I will keep in touch and give your ‘E’ mail and Name to anyone who I think will benefit. Cheers,


i got 1 about 2 years ago but never fitted it, I found it in the shed about 2 weeks ago and installed it in 10mins, I can’t believe the difference! MPG went from 22 to 28 and I have great revs and loads more power, it’s easier to start etc… I’m putting one in my wifes car and one in my landrover next.

Sean Mulcahy, Ireland

Sorry it’s been so long, the Fuelcat you gave us has worked wonders. The Landover we are traveling in is a 1975 2.25 diesel short wheel base. As soon as I fitted the device the engine smoked less. The further we go on in our travels the better the engine seems to run. The fuel consumption went up from around 7km per litre to near 10 km per litre. Everyone we have meet I have told them about you company and how you gave us the device and have given nothing but praise for the device. To our and to your advantage we now look to be having a Landover magazine article written on our travels, I will keep you posted. We are now 9000km into our round the world trip.

Rob Blackwell & Amanda Weaver, UK

Fuelcats fitted to 1979 Mercedes Benz 200D (12.1%), 1981 Nissan Sunny 1.3L (9.8%), and 1983 Toyota Corolla 1.3L (7.6%) improvements in fuel consumption over 3 month test and still going strong, 12 months later.

anon, Malaysia
Kia Car Club, SingaporeBefore installation, full tank travels about est 500 kms, but currently after the Fuelcat installation, mileage confirms at est 560, note: same driving style. Cruising 90km/h no over revving. Tested acceleration on second tank fill , more power at 3500 rpm than before. Hit 170km/h on Malaysia Highway to K.L, no problem (feel still can go faster but too afraid). Distinctly felt less drag, 4500rpm hits 145-150km/h.

HC dropped 65% and the CO dropped 22%

anon, UK

have a 1999 Ford Fairmont with a six cylinder, 4 litre engine. The car is in good condition, .. serviced regularly… (but) has travelled nearly 250,000 kms. …I put 4 Fuelcat pellets in my fuel tank some months ago. Until that time … I was using around 15 litres per 100 kms in city driving. After the Fuelcat was introduced, this fell to 12.5 Kms per 100 kms and is remains at that level…. an improvement of 16.6%…the car runs very smoothly for an ‘old’ engine and uses little oil.

Mike Beamish, Australia

saved at least 12% on his fuel and changes his oil only half as often because the oil is so much cleaner.

anon, UK

I put a Fuelcat on my 1970 BMW 2800 ARe and immediately switched from LRP to unleaded. Runs like a dream and saves around 9% fuel consumption. Also fitted it to my 1977 diesel Mercedes Benz 2L campervan in Holland. Saved us a bit over 10% fuel and emissions visibly reduced. The camper passed the annual Dutch APK easily.

Greg Barlow, Australia