Fuel Cat were proud to supply The British Army Royal Signals White Helmets Motorcycle Display Team with our in-tank systems. We initially supplied the systems as a trial for the 1999 season, which was such a success that they are still using Fuel Cat.

The White Helmets Display Team consists of 30 volunteer soldiers from the Signals Corps. They tour Britain from April to September attended various shows and events. They use British Millenium Triumph 750cc motorcycles which were designed to run on standard 4-Star petrol, however since 1999, they have been using our FuelCat in-tank systems which has enabled them to use unleaded fuel.

Here are some photos we have taken at various White Helment Displays

The first 2 images are the letter we received from the White Helmets after trialling our FuelCat product during the 1999 season.